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IoTWatt is an easy to deploy energy monitoring & tariff analysis platform that runs on a web server in the cloud.

What is 
  • It is a compact and complete package which includes
  • Advanced DPM; which measures 48 electrical parameters.
  • Data acquisition and logging gateway; with 8GB on-board memory
  • IoTWatt provides both ETOU and TOU tariff data aggregation directly without the need for tedious data manipulation or calculation.
  • All electrical data and consumption information (V, A, kW, PF, MD, kWh etc) are collected and pushed to the web… accessible via smart phones, tablets or PCs.
  • The supplied DPM, Archmeter PA330-0088 comes with secondary clamping CTs; which can be installed without the need to SHUTDOWN… easily and safely.
Why IoTWatt ? It answers...
  • What is the suitable tariff for you... ETOU or TOU?
  • Is your demand side management optimized to save in energy bill?
  • Are you maintaining your consumption pattern to benefit from the selected tariff plan?
  • Do you need to change from the selected tariff plan?
  • What is the amount saved (or lost) ?
  • What more can be done to save energy costs?
  • Best tariff can be selected based on consumption pattern.
  • ROI of less than 1month (immediate ).
  • Real-time and Historical Consumption data.
  • Lifetime warranty (with annual maintenance package).
  • Easy engagement over internet.
For more information regarding TNB Enhanced Time Of Use (ETOU) Tariff, please click HERE.

Saturn Pyro is the leading Energy Management System (EnMS) solution provider in Malaysia. IoTWatt is one of the trusted cloud EnMS / Web-based EnMS / Lite version EnMS / Energy Monitoring. Available in Penang, Johor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor and anywhere in Malaysia / Singapore. 

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