Circontrol - Raption 50
Circontrol - Raption 50


The perfect combination of power, design and reliability

Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, airports, road-side rest areas...) and private ones (companies with EV fleet, taxi stop stations...) where vehicles need to be ready to continue their journey in less than half an hour.

Any enquiries, please contact our Malaysia Marketing Dept   Tel: 07 866 0510 / 017 4887001

Saturn Pyro
44 & 44A, Jalan Palma Rafis 1, Taman Dato Chellam, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor

​Tel: 07 866 0510   Fax: 07 866 0511   Email:

Published : 18-Nov-2020

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