Organizations are currently faced with an ever-increasing energy bill that adds cost and impacts the bottom-line.
While some are resigned to paying higher bills, most are scrambling to implement "something" which will enable them to reduce their energy bill. 
Before doing any "something", you need to understand what the "something" should do to achieve reduced energy consumption and result in cost savings.
The only way to reduce energy consumption is by improving your "Energy Performance".
By improving your "Energy Performance", you obtain a higher output for the same unit of energy that you consume. In effect, the "something" should lead to better "Energy Performance".
"Energy Performance" is measured by using EnPI (Energy Performance Indicators):
Improve "Energy Performance" 
Any measure taken to improve "Energy Performance" falls under one of the following;
•   Maintenance Improvement
•   Energy Efficient Culture Energy
•   Efficient Technology

This means that any "something" implemented to reduce cost (improve "Energy Performance") will fall under one of them.
Now, are you Measuring & Monitoring your "Energy Performance"?... if NO, how are you going to reduce your energy bill?
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