PA33 Compact Smart Meter
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PA30 Series

Product Description

PA30 series are designed for general single phase or poly phase power measurement, with wide range. It can be applied either on low voltage primary side or medium/high voltage secondary side for its high accuracy (<1%, IEC62053-21) under 5A current. PA30 equipped with clip-on CT, standard communication, small size and low cost.

  • True RMS energy and power parameters measurement in compact size
  • Clip-on CT, easy wiring for on-line installation
  • Wild range of measurement with various size of CT, up to 200A(24 Φmm)
  • Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf =1)
  • RS485 communication support Modbus protocol
  • Support Lon Talks (option)
Size and Latch


Input V PA34£º10-300V
Input I CT Φ10mm £¨60A£©£¬ CT Φ16mm£¨100A£©¡¢CT Φ24mm£¨ 200A£©
Aux Power DC 10-30V
Frequency 60/50Hz
Starting I <0.025A
Wiring diagram PA34£º1-phase 4-channel
PA33£ºAuto or manal setting 1P2W-1CT¡¢1P3W-2CT¡¢3P3W-2CT¡¢3P3W-3CT¡¢3P4W
Power Parameters Measures
V1, V1, V2, V2
I 1, I 2, I 3, I 4
kW1, kW2, kW3, kW4
kVA1, kVA2, kVA3, kVA4
kvar1, kvar2, kvar3, kvar4
PF1, PF2, PF3, PF4
kWh1, kWh2, kWh3, kWh4
kVAh1, kVAh2, kVAh3, kVAh4
kvarh1, kvarh2, kvarh3, kvarh4
VA, VB, VC, Vave
I A, I B,I C, I ave
kWA, kWB, kWC, kWtot
kVAA, kVAB, kVAC, kVAtot
kvarA, kvarB, kvarC, kvartot
kWhA , kWhB, kWhC, kWhtot
kVAhA , kVAhB, kVAhC, kVAhtot
kvarhA , kvarhB, kvarhC, kvarhtot
Communication RS485, half duplex isolated
Baud Rate£º9600, 19200(default), 38400
kWh Accuracy 0.5%(PF=1)£¬better than IEC62053-21
Size 78(L) × 35(W) × 99(H) mm
Operation Temp -10¡æ~60 ¡æ
Installation Rail-mounted

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