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Klemsan KLEA is an energy analyzer that can gives you essential electrical parameter to manage your energy. It is a energy revenue class 0.2s meter with high speed sampling rate of 512 samples per cycle, while other meters are typically 32 samples per cycle.
It also have individual harmonics spectrum upto 51st order, wave form display and phasor diagram display within the meter itself. It comes with built-in memory for parameters, that can be downloaded for further analysis.
This powerful energy analyzer also able to measure energy consumption for different shifts in a facility by using the multi tariff features besides logging demand profile, provide monthly report and many more.

Data Collection Platform
• All forms of energy can be collected by one KLEA.
• 2 Digital I/O is standart in KLEA.
• Plus 5 I/O is optional.
• User can collect data from gas, water and/or pressure meters.
• Production quantity can be collected by a limit switch or a dry contact coming from a proximity sensor.
• User can calculate total consumption of all forms of energy and calculate energy cost per product.

Dual Source Energy Measurement
• Generators produces much more expensive energy compared to utility supply.
• Klea has generator input and it is activated once generator is on.
• Users can set Tariff 2 to measure genset usage as a power supply and this brings users to identify the exact cost of the energy.

Multi-Tariff Energy Measurement
• In addition to Tariff 2, Tariff 1 is splitted into three with adjustable start & end times for each sub-tariff.
• User can use these sub-tariffs in order to measure energy consumption for different shifts in a facility.
• Tariff 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 values are also saved in non-volatile memory. User can read these values from the screen remotely Modbus communication.

Demand Management
• User can adjust demand period between 1 to 60 minutes.
• Klea keeps demand for I, P ,Q, and, S for each phase.
• Klea monitors P , Q, S and I values and gets the average values of 4 parameters for each demand period.
• Klea logs the maximum value of the average values in a month.
• Klea keeps 4 months demand logs for 4 parameters with time stamp.
• P , Q, S and I values are measured for each phase and sum.

Data Logging

• Klea measures 68 different energy parameters.
• Klea logs:  80 days hourly OR 240 days daily OR 36 months monthly. Real time measurements of 68 parameters.
• Klea logs: 4 months demand values.
• Klea logs: 50 recent alarms with time stamp.
• 1 MB Memory

Surge Withstand 100 A/1 sec

Klea current inputs can withstand surges up to 100 A for 1 second. In medium voltage applications, current transformers may generate peak currents in secondary windings. These peak values may reach up to 100 A and as a result of this current inputs of the analyzer may burn out and create an open circuit for secondary connections of the CT.
This may result with an explosion on CT since secondary side is open circuited.

Signal Waveform Monitoring

• Klea’s high sampling rate enables the user to monitor a real
time signal waveform.
• Klea’s sampling rate per period is 512.
• User can monitor the effects of harmonics on the system from
this screen.

Programmable Analog Outputs

• Klea can be used as an energy transducer in substation
automation projects.
• Some models have either 2 or 4 programmable analog outputs
and user can set any measured parameter to be disclosed with
any of the output channel.

Other Features
• Graphical LCD
• Language Support
• Harmonics Measurement upto 51
• Advanced Alarm Settings
• Real Time Clock

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