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Maintenance Made Easier

InnoAssist is a cloud-based equipment maintenance management system (Cloud CMMS) that organizes, tracks and schedules your maintenance activities from anywhere, at any time through web and mobile applications.

  • Flexibility
    InnoAssist is built to manage the preventive maintenance for all equipment across all industries.

  • Adaptability
    InnoAssist can be configured to the way you want to operate without changing your existing maintenance processes while improving efficiency.
  • User Friendly
    InnoAssist is designed with rich and state-of-art user experience which makes usability easier.
  • Cost Effective
    InnoAssist's paybacks and saving are immediate, it starts the moment you deploy it.

Features Industries We Serve
  • Asset management
  • Maintenance  Management
  • Safety Compliance
  • Contract Compliance
  • SLA for Incidents & Schedules
  • Reminder & Escalation
  • Progressive Self-Diagnosis
  • Solution Bank
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Mobile Application
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Metal & Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Fleet
  • Textiles
  • Buildings
  • Facilities Management
  • Retail Outlets
  • Service Companies
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Hotel & Restaurants
  • Educational Institutions
  • Farming & Agriculture

Innoassist Benefits
  • Reduced Down Time
    Reduce unknown incidents and improve equipment reliability with proactive & preventive maintenance processes.
  • Extended Equipment Life
    Improve operational reliability with proper managed and monitored maintenance activities.

  • Organization Visibility
    Overall Performance benchmarking with KPI of assets, personnel, processes & maintenance management.
  • Measure Performance
    Monitor key measures including workforce productivity, PM compliance, downtime, overdue tickets & SLA violations.
  • Improve Maintenance Planning
    Scheduled & managed activities increases efficiency and eliminated idle time wastage.
  • Faster Service
    Expedite overall activities closure while improving accuracy with seamless automated processes.

  • Multi Location
    Mange operations in parallel with ease, enabling better utilization of resources.
  • Establish Standards Services
    Manage all the contracts, compliance, asafety procedures and other operationas standards for workforce, worksite and sub-contractors.
innoAssist is a cloud based CMMS in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It includes both iOS and Android app for comprehensive utilization. innoAssist is best cloud based CMMS with iOS and Android App, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

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