LR1RS+ LoRa™ to RS-485 converter
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The LR1RS+ is a device for converting between the RS-485 physical environment and the LoRa™ long-range wireless network. The unit is fully programmable through its software settings. Up to 32 slave devices can be connected to each communication bus.

Communication between the master device and the slaves is completely wireless, thus allowing a more straightforward wireless installation which is also more economical.

  • Wireless communication to LoRa™ protocol
  • Modbus RTU/RS-485 protocol communication with the master
  • Allows remote configuration
  • Removable external antenna
  • Unlimited number of slave converters per network, up to 32 devices per slave
  • LR1RS+ PSAC DIN 46277 mounting (EN-50022), 1 Module DIN 43880
  • LR1RS+ PSDC Adhesive fastening.


  • For any installation that requires remote monitoring and low data refresh rates.
  • Wireless monitoring of facilities, ensuring savings in the final cost.
  • Ideal for monitoring photovoltaic strings, remote pumping stations, farms far from 3G coverage or with no Internet connection, industrial units without the option of wired connection.


Saturn Pyro is an authorized Circutor distributor/reseller in Malaysia. Circutor LR1RS+ LoRa™ to RS-485 converter / Data converter / MODBUS/ Communication converter / wireless converter / LoRa Available in Penang, KL, Selangor, Johor & anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore.


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