RN1220 (Datasheet)
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General Description

RN1220 (Datasheet)

E3METER® intelligent power distribution strips (IPS) are the core element of our innovative monitoring system. They provide valuable data for both data center operators and clients: accurate energy consumption logging enables operators to offer usage based energy billing. A bright local display gives real-time feedback on power consumption which simplifies for example load balancing during commissioning of new equipment. Alarms make early detection of overload and other abnormal situations possible which helps to prevent power outages. Data transfers between E3METER® IPS and a central E3METER® Concentrator use reliable narrowband powerline communication  (PLC) technology which avoids the need for extra cabling. All measured values can be accessed via standard SNMP. Two dedicated extension ports can be used to measure temperature and humidity through E3METER® remote sensors.


• Non-Intrusive voltage, current and frequency measurement through current transformer
• Energy and power measurements (active, reactive, apparent, power factor)
• 1% accuracy (IEC 1036 Class 1)
• Factory calibrated
• Alarms
• Internal temperature sensor
• 2x extension ports for external temperature/humidity sensors
• Data logging in E3METER® Concentrator
• Data access by 3rd-Party Tools via SNMP (through E3METER® Data Concentrator)
• Reliable Powerline Communication (Cenelec B, FCC or ARIB)
• 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet (HTTP, SNMP, Telnet, NTP)
• 6x C13, 2x C19 outlets (16 A rms)


Length  445 mm (19” rack mounting brackets included)
Height  44 mm (1U)
Depth  51 mm
Weight  530 g (without cable)


AC Input

 Nominal Input Voltage  230 V rms
 Max. Output Current  16 A rms
 Output Connections  6x C13, 2x C19
 Integrated Filter/Switch  No (optional on request)



 Powerline  Reliable narrowband Powerline Communication (Cenelec B, FCC or ARIB)
 Ethernet  10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, RJ-45 connector (HTTP, SNMP, Telnet, NTP)
 Serial  Console on left RJ12 connector, 115’200 bps, 8n1



 Technology  TFT full graphical color display, 320x240
 Refresh Rate  1 Hz
 Screen Saver  Display turned-off automatically after 15 minutes



 Internal  Temperature
 External  2 extension ports for temperature and humidity sensors


Measurements / Alarms

 Accuracy  [%]    1%
 P  [W]    Real power
 Q  [VAR]    Reactive power
 S  [VA]    Apparent power
 Ep  [kWh]    Real energy
 Eq(C)  [kVARh]    Reactive energy (Capacitive)
 Eq(L)  [kVARh]    Reactive energy (Inductive)
 Urms  [V]    Line voltage
 Irms  [A]  Alarm  Output current (combined for all 6 outlets)
 Upk  [V]  Alarm  Peak line voltage
 f  [Hz]  Alarm  Line frequency
 PF  N/A  Alarm  Power factor
 Ti, T1, T2  [°C]  Alarm  Internal temperature and values from external temperature sensors
 H1, H2  [%]  Alarm  Humidity values from external sensors


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