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Wibeee Max and Wibeee Max Plus are consumption analyzers for monitoring and obtaining electrical data to facilitate decision-making through understanding electrical energy usage. Once connected, the units will convert the measured parameters into information to be sent via a Wi-Fi wireless connection. The units can be installed on the wall or directly in electric panels using their magnetic support / DIN rail.
The units have 30 days of back-up memory to ensure data in the event of losing communication with the server. When the connection with the server comes back online the device begins to gradually delete the stored data.
Wibeee Max has small flexible clamps with two configurable current sensitivities: 350 A and 700 A. Wibeee Max Plus has flexible multi-sensitivity clamps for 100 A, 1000 A or 5000 A currents.


The units can be attached at any point of the installation, helping detect problem areas where energy is not being used efficiently, and directly contributing towards reducing consumption via the remote activation of alarms when set limits are exceeded. Easy use and installation make them perfect for controlling consumption in any industrial setting. 
All the units in the Wibeee series can be managed through the free “Wibeee Circutor” app. This application can be used to monitor the different electrical variables and energy cost, make consumption comparisons and manage different alarms remotely. All the data is also accessible online from any computer by simply accessing the “MY WIBEEE” platform from any web browser.

Remotely access your consumption along with other electrical variables:
  • Active Energy
  • Reactive Energy
  • Active Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Power Factor
  • Cost (Euros and other currency)
  • CO2 emissions
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency

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