AIRVirX UV-C Disinfector
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AIRVirX® : UV-C Disinfector


One of the fastest evolving technologies to be introduced into the HVAC industry in the past 30 years is ultraviolet disinfection. Building design and construction have been impacted by ever evolving ASHRAE standards, and owners are becoming more and more focused on not only heating / cooling / moving so much air, but also making sure the HVAC design provided is energy efficient. 
Along with energy efficiency, many owners are also looking for HVAC designs which will
maintain and/or enhance indoor air quality. Today people spend more time indoors than ever before. It has been proven that the air we breathe can make us feel unhealthy, deficient and tired. This in fact does affect our well-being along with productivity. 
People expect the air they breathe to be reasonably safe and comfortable. Yet indoor air can be laden with mold, mildew, dander, bacteria, and viruses.


AIRVirX® UV-C Disinfector is a low cost and reliable solution to disinfect cooling coils, drain pans and duct surfaces that have accumulated mold and bacteria growth.  
It uses UV-C light to target and disable disease causing microorganisms (pathogens). UV-C radiation modifies the pathogen’s DNA and further replication stops.
The effective resistance of many types of micro-organisms to UV-C varies considerably and it is important to ensure adequate irradiation occurs to enable disinfection. 
AIRVirX® UV-C Disinfector is a High Output UV-C source operating at 253.7nm which is close to the maximum DNA absorption rate of 260nm. 
Multiple units of High Output UV-C bulbs are used in each array of AIRVirX® UV-C to ensure the UV Energy is adequate and overall disinfection is effective.

AIRVirX® UV-C Disinfector uses HIGH OUTPUT UV-C lamps which are manufactured with thicker filaments and injected with special gas composition to enable operation at higher currents. AIRVirX® UV-C lamps give an 2.5X output when compared with “International Standard UV-C Germicidal lamps” of the same size

AIRVirX® UV-C Disinfector Benefits

• Disinfects pathogens and viruses from the air space
• Removes odors, including VOC (formaldehyde)
• Eliminates mold, mildew and fungus growth in the AHU
• Prevents slime build up in the drain pan
• Improves AHU efficiency and performance.


AIRVirX® UV-C Features

• Water resistant shielded lamp design for stable UV operation.
• High efficiency & high power electronic ballast.
• Automatic input voltage selection from 198V ~ 264VAC 50Hz.
• Lifetime warranty for electronic ballast.
• Easy install galvanized frame.

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